‘Claw’ Huggie adjustable ring

  • ‘Claw’ Huggie adjustable ring

Introducing our new adjustable claw rings!

Fit for every size, these huggie rings are perfect for gifts to yourself or your loved ones (as no size is needed to make these - perfect gift!)

Available with:
- Green amethyst: peace & harmony, opens the heart chakra (self love, aids love to others)

- Purple Amethyst: calming & soothing anxiety, opens the mind chakra (supports our thought processes and intuition and helps bring clarity where there is confusion)

- Citrine: great for confidence to manifest wild dreams into reality, goal setting, prosperity and luck, abundance and creativity.

P.s please be delicate with these rings, although made using sterling silver, re adjusting a lot to make smaller or bigger weakens the material so I recommend sizing it to the finger you would like to wear it on then sliding it over the finger each time you wear vs pulling and pushing it each time