Hi everyone, my name is Lauren Firenza I am founder and creator of Nottingham based, handmade crystal jewellery brand FIRENZA.

FIRENZA started March 2017 when I was studying Business Management & Leadership at university and wanted (needed!) a creative release and outlet, as I felt I was trapped studying something which I found interesting but it didn’t make me feel free and I felt very restricted by how little I could express myself when I was in that environment.

My love for crystals began when my bohemian mum would put a little rose quartz in my school blazer pocket so I could carry her love with me everywhere (thanks mum!). I also realised I was a crystal magpie when I would go on school trips to museums or visit shops on holiday and find the most exciting part for me was to go on the hunt for crystals.

FIRENZA crystal products have travelled worldwide and been worn on some amazing talented souls such as Tokio Myers (Britains Got Talent winner), to rock and rollers to designers and to all the rebels with and without causes.

All FIRENZA designs are handmade by me in Nottingham and a lot of love and good, positive energy goes into each and every product I make.

Thankyou for coming to FIRENZA and welcome to the FIRENZA family!

Love and Light,

Lauren Firenza xx