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“Learning to listen is the essence of intelligent living.”
― Sadhguru

The Sensory Experience was born in 2022 following my curiosity in exploring holistic health and wellbeing after being diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

During the treatment, meditation and crystal healing helped me stay calm, grounded and stay connected to my body. Since being in remission, I have been dedicated to continuing to learn and explore everything to do with holistic healing.

During covid, I trained with a Shaman who taught me reiki, crystal healing, sound therapy and chakra balancing and I incorporate elements of each into my meditation practices. I became an accredited meditation teacher and now hold space and guide meditations in:
- 1:1 
- groups
- corporate settings.

Each of my meditations are tailored to the group or individuals I am working with and by tapping into our senses, my sessions will hold space for you to be still, reconnect you to your breath and will leave you feeling grounded, refocused, balanced and calm.

To book a session with me for yourself, a loved one, corporate, please emai: 


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